Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Views from Myakka River State Park, FL

Sand Hill Crane with Young Colt 3.10.14
Myakka River State Park is always a delight in any season but early spring is certainly wonderful.  My son was visiting and he tried a long run on the 27 mile Myakka Trail that snakes around the perimeter of the park.  Fishermen were enjoying throwing in a line and they were accompanied by an interested avian observer (great blue heron); which one is the better fisherman?

Other wildlife seen were large flocks of turkeys in which the males/toms were strutting their stuff for the females. Sandhill
Barred Owl at MSRP 3.7.14
cranes already have their babies (called colts strangely enough) in tow and are teaching them how to catch food.  A pair of barred owls was hooting in the oak trees in preparation for breeding.

My wife is an avid birder and she was very exited that we found the first of season Louisiana water thrush, an early migrant from the south.  This bird is one of millions of birds soon to be flying across the Gulf to reach breeding territories in the US.
Great Blue Heron with Fisherman MRSP 3.10.14

Bill Dunson
Louisiana Water Thrush, Clay Gully, MSRP 3.10.14

Male Turkeys Strutting at MSRP 3.10.14
Bill's son Billy at end of 26-mile run at MSRP 3.10.14

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