Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mink Alert‏

As a kid I remember seeing a mink fur wrap in my Aunt's closet and being perplexed about the whole situation of elderly ladies wrapping themselves in the skins of small predatory weasels.  The real live minks I saw along the nearby creek in GA were so much more interesting.  But there have been no minks in my life since then until we moved to a farm in the Blue Ridge of VA with many small creeks and marshes.  Now we have minks living around us but we rarely see them.  Every now and then one comes out from under the smoke house or is seen along the edge of the marsh.  

But recently we had some wonderful views of this elongate, mercurial predator in our yard.  An adult was foraging in the grass next to the marsh in our front yard and then a half grown young one was actively and somewhat desperately foraging all around our house late one afternoon.  Their beautiful fur definitely looks better on them as they search for small prey in wetlands or nearby uplands.  We have too many mice and lots of frogs so I assume they are well supplied with food.  I would prefer that they not eat birds but I am sure that ground nesting species are fair game.  But I am attempting to take a "hands off" attitude towards our natural predators and let nature rule our little portion of paradise.  

Bill Dunson
Galax, VA

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