Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spoonbill alert at Lemon Lake‏

Roseate spoonbills are always a possibility at tidal Lemon Lake within Amberjack Preserve, Charlotte County, FL.  But they are unpredictable and are best seen when the lake level is declining due to hot weather facilitating evaporation, and low rainfall.  I was at Lemon Lake the morning of March 23 and found that the upper or eastern end of the lake was bare mud and many birds including a flock of 16 spoonbills was resting near the western or lower boardwalk.  They are likely feeding mainly on the abundant sheepshead minnow (Cyprinodon) which is a herbivore that thrives in the shallow brackish water, plus any small invertebrates that are concentrated by the falling water levels.

Bill Dunson

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