Sunday, June 28, 2015

Stump Pass dredging plan‏

In today's Englewood Sun Herald there is an article about the upcoming dredging of Stump Pass that is slated to start this coming November.

This was the diagram depicting the combined dredging and proposed installation of groins or jetties.   Sorry that the quality is poor but you can get the idea. The placement of jetties on the north and south side of the pass is entirely new and has the potential for vast changes, namely a loss in sand on the southern side of the pass.  So for those of us with property on Palm Island south this could be big trouble.

There is a considerable literature on the well known effect of sand starvation of islands lying to the south of jetties that stop the north to south flow of sand.  I will attach a photo of one such well known example from Ocean City MD where the jetties caused a huge loss of sand from the northern end of Assateague Island.

Cheers- Bill

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