Sunday, December 6, 2015

Photos from Myakka Island Point Preserve

Bald eagle nest

Bald eagle

Banded sphinx caterpillar

Banded sphinx caterpillar

We had a great walk today at Myakka Island Pt Preserve so I hope you have seen its potential as part of a regular series of nature walks for your group (North Port Friends of Wildlife).  I would enjoy helping out if you need me to lead occasional walks.

I attach some photos for use on your web site in case you did not get better ones of the impressive bald eagle at the nest and the banded sphinx caterpillar on primrose willow.  It is very interesting how the same caterpillar seen from upside down and right side up is rather different in appearance.  I assume this striking pattern is a disruptive and camouflage mechanism to avoid  predation by birds.

Cheers- Bill

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