Sunday, January 17, 2016

Wallking on water?‏

After a very stormy night as a cold front was passing through, there was a surprise along the shores of Lemon Bay, an extraordinarily high tide.  Most of those who have docks were to find at dawn that their docks were underwater.  Even finding the dock required "walking on water" with some care since older docks often float away during such events.  My neighbor's dock that was built to rise and fall with the tide was close to over-topping the poles built to hold it in place.

The cause of this unusually high tide does not appear to be primarily the lunar tides (high about 7:45 am was only around 0.7 feet, far below the maximum of 2.3 feet).  Instead strong winds changing from the west to northwest to north apparently both hold water in the bay at the inlets and tend to cause water to pile up at the south end of the bay. 

All in all a very exciting time for those who enjoy storms and unusual weather events.  This also could give us a preview of things to come as sea level rise is accelerated by global warming.

Bill Dunson

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